oh my Love

…Look and see
The Sun rising from the river
Nature’s miracle once more
Will light the world

But this light
Is not for those men
Still lost in
An old black shadow
Won’t you help me to believe
That they will see

A day
A brighter day
When all the shadows
Will fade away
That day I’ll cry
That I believe
That I believe

Oh my Love
High above us
The Sun now
Embraces Nature
And from Nature we should learn
That all can start again
As the stars must fade away
To give a bright new day



3 comentarios sobre “oh my Love

  1. Muy bueno. “The sun rising from the river”. Espero que los obispos obedezcan y se esmeren en aplicar tal orientación.
    (Veo pocos comentarios. ¿La gente que entre aquí entenderá el post?, ¿se darán cuenta de que hay que darle al enlace?)

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